The New Natural

delicious functional chocolate, nourishment for new dietary, healthy and ethical needs

handcrafted, starting from high-quality cocoa beans and
processed in a conscious way to preserve healthy components, natural aromatic notes, sharing values with all the protagonist of the supply chain, respecting our common home, the Earth.

We produce our chocolate by hand, taking care of all phases of production, from seed to tablet, starting from Criollo cocoa beans from Peru and Bali and Arriba National Fino de Aroma from Ecuador, adding only a few natural and organic ingredients, such as sugar from coconut flowers and lucuma, rich in minerals and precious elements to our health.

We removed all unnecessary elements (refined sugars, artificial additives, soy lecithin, animal milk (which prevents the absorption of phytonutrients cocoa) and all deleterious processes such as the dutching processes, irradiation, the conching of days and days and replaced with our process that we called “matùral method”. A way to process the cocoa beans, delicate and highly sophisticated, requires care and attention to detail but the tasting will notice the difference, in terms of taste, quality and health.

Our organic natural chocolate is good for everyone
for gourmets, for foodist, for those who follow a vegan, paleo, macrobiotic diet or who are intolerant to gluten, lactose and soy.